So college is like right around the corner, I move in on august 22nd. I’m not nervous at all because I’m already really independent, and I’m more excited than anything to have even more independence. The only thing I’m even slightly worried about is who my housemates will be. I’m already pretty sure that Meaghan (tumblr user kokoniiru) will be my roommate but as far as my housemates, I have no idea. We have a fb group for my class, and there’s a few people I’m hoping not to get housed with, only because I can tell they have such different personalities than I do. I don’t want to be with people who are just too much for me, because I tend to keep more to myself, I don’t always want to be around people and expect to be “fun.” I sound lame, I do like to have fun but I don’t like all this cheesy, lame-ass fake shit that people are doing, and I don’t wanna deal with that, especially not for a whole year. I’m so happy that Meaghan and I met because she’s the coolest person so far.





untitled by Bazzerio on Flickr.

lovely angry thunderstorm last night.  I was burped out of sleep by it at about 2am when the sky started cracking open.  It rained and I drew this whale.
❁naked face❁

Simon Birch - Paitings - 2010
I think I finally captured a self portrait that I like for school! I don’t have photo shop yet because I’m still waiting on a new laptop but I worked with the editing programs I had, and I think it came out pretty good. I don’t usually like going with black and white (I’m also not a frequent photographer, but I wanted to experiment) but the colours were so shitty.

Budding roof forest in Sitka, Alaska by Peter Baker.

untitled by Bazzerio on Flickr.

For years my dad would travel the world on tour and he would take fantastic photos. I always loved looking at all the photos that he took when he got back home. Just sitting with him and looking at all the stuff he has seen and experienced. Today I have been looking through all the photos again and I came across this photo. This photo was taken at Kew Gardens in London by my dad and I think is one of my favorite photos he has taken.

Bound 2 the Kiss 
Gustav Klimt, The Kiss (Lovers) 1908-1909 / Bound 2, Kanye West